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Flowerhouse is very proud of its relationships of working with other local business.  As part of the corporate edge to the business we provide flowers for lots of different sectors, for lots of different occasions .  


Reception Flowers.

Flowers that are delivered weekly to brighten up a reception area.  We have provided weekly flower arrangements for receptions in care homes, schools, hairdressers, fitness centres,  car dealerships, business centres and accountants.

Gifts and Occasions

We can provide a service that allows a company to send flowers for staff and clients for occasions.  This could be a birthday or an anniversary, it could be for a celebration of a work anniversary, flowers to celebrate a birth of a new baby, a welcome to a new home, or sympathy flowers in time of a bereavement.  The company can call the shop, place the orders and have an invoice sent at the end of the month with 30 day terms for payment.

If you are the accounts manager and would like to discuss setting up an account facility we will be very happy to discuss your requirements.

Event Flowers

If you have a large event such as an Annual Dinner, Awards Ceremony, a launch event we can help style your tables to create centrepieces that will create talking points, and represent your company in the best possible way.

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If you wish to discuss our service further please contact the team direct on 01642 588888 and we will be happy to help.

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